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Burnout — Who, Me?

Ways to decrease the chance of burnout in your life.

Today I’d like to talk about burnout. Burnout at home, school, work, and in all areas of your life. I like to think of burnout as a kind of fatigue, the sense of having reached the limits of your endurance and ability to cope with a situation. It’s the result of having too many demands placed on you, on your strength, resources, time, and energy coming from all directions.

3 Ways Academic Anxiety Can Negatively Affect Your Teen

An overload of academic anxiety is negatively impacting students’ well-being.

It’s true that a certain amount of academic stress and anxiety can have positive impacts on students’ performance and growth. Indeed, the right balance of expectation and challenge are key factors in driving personal growth and improvements.

But in many ways, we as a society have raised the bar so high that balance is harder to strike. Even elementary school students are expected to perform at higher and higher levels every year.

For Your Marriage to Work, Commit to Your Relationship

Creating a relationship is a process.

Marriage is a special kind of relationship in which we make a sincere commitment to both creating and maintaining this special connection. In the beginning, we are attracted to someone, perhaps enthralled with them. It’s all about who this person is that attracts us. Maybe it is chemistry. It’s not about the relationship.

Understanding Your Avoidance

Avoidance is about control, and it can have unintended consequences.

This blog is about living courageously. It’s about getting to know your patterns of avoidance and doing something different. But first, you have to learn how your avoidance works.

You Do, You Get, Redux

In our last blog, we introduced you to a simple phrase to understand human behavior: You do, you get.

11 Ways to Handle New Job Anxiety

Starting a new job can trigger a complex mix of emotions.

You might feel proud of yourself and satisfied that your hard work has paid off, but you might also notice some uneasiness creeping up amid your excitement.

What if you can’t handle the workload, or the job is nothing like you imagined? What if your new teammates think you aren’t up to scratch?

Why Children Laugh When Being Corrected

No, they are not sociopaths.

Children laughing, refusing to make eye contact, running away, covering their ears and engaging in other evasive behaviors when you are trying to talk to them about their behavior is a phenomenon that is understandably confusing and disturbing. If you are like many parents I work with, you may be both mortified and worried, wondering how you could be raising a child who does not appear to feel bad about hurting others, or worse, who gains pleasure from it.

5 Questions to Calm an Anxious Mind

T2. What are the odds that my fear will become a reality?

anxiety in anticipation of a future event. Regardless if you're worried about your job performance, attending a social event, or finances, anxiety results from thinking that a negative outcome will occur and not feeling equipped to handle it.

Identifying and challenging anxiety-provoking thought patterns is an essential step to reduce anxiety and reclaim your inner peace. Asking yourself questions provides a framework to uncovering such thoughts patterns and reducing your overall anxiety.

Hidden Relationship Issues

Difficulties in relationships may come from problems the couple is not aware of.

Sometimes, couples can feel stuck, repeating the same pattern of interaction over and over again, with no apparent end in sight. One pattern that lots of couples experience is called “pursuer-distancer.” This is when one person wants to engage their partner in some way, and their partner avoids them. They want to talk about their budget, and their partner finds excuses not to. Or one partner wants to talk about their sex life, and the other avoids it.

Can You Recover from Trauma? 5 Therapy Options

There are many types of trauma, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. However, trauma-focused therapy may be able to help you in your path to recovery.

From a broken heart to a car accident, many of us can recall events in our lives that caused us a great deal of pain. But when an experience causes our nervous system to boil over with stress, it can form a kind of psychological scarring. This is called trauma.

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