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Being Kind to Yourself

How well do you treat yourself? Are you mostly helpful, sympathetic, forgiving, and supportive? Or are you often critical, demanding, unforgiving, or self-blaming?

The Greatest Gift You Can Give to a Partner

When we think of virtues, we usually think of the classics: wisdom, compassion, humility, patience, fortitude, courage, kindness, gratitude, and the like. But there are a number of underrated, less-discussed virtues that are vitally important in creating a good life. One that rarely makes the top-ten lists is curiosity. When it comes to virtues, curiosity gets short shrift and sometimes has to defend its right to even identify as a virtue. But curiosity deserves our recognition and a place on the greatest-hits list of virtuous qualities. Not only is it vitally important for creating a good life, but also for maintaining lasting love relationships.

Adolescence and the Age of Painful Embarrassment

Parents can make light of what is serious. “It’s so funny to see him act embarrassed!” “She’s too sensitive for her own good!” No and yes.

No, there’s nothing “funny” about embarrassment in adolescence because it can create painful social exposure, attack self-esteem, and arouse acute anxiety: “What a mistake; I’ll never live this down!”

Is your teenager getting enough sleep?

UTAH (ABC4) – All humans have primary needs. Among those is sleep. A good night’s rest is essential for anyone to lead a productive life.

Recently, kids around America have been experiencing rising rates of depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation, and other mental health disorders due to a lack of sleep. The U.S. Surgeon General has released a study on youth mental health, and the findings prove that teens throughout the nation are suffering from mental exhaustion.

3 Reasons It’s So Easy to Misunderstand a Partner

Research has repeatedly shown that what you don’t know about your partner can hurt you—not to mention your partner and the relationship itself. When the misunderstandings that arise from such ignorance are constant or serious enough, separation and divorce are all too often the outcomes.

5 Lessons from Couples Therapy That Can Help Any Relationship

Are you looking for some new techniques to strengthen your relationship? If you’re interested in integrative behavioral couples therapy (IBCT) but don’t seem to be able to fit it into your busy schedule, many couples are utilizing teletherapy as a simpler way to make time for their relationship. Scheduling a teletherapy session with an experienced therapist is convenient and can help you work through relationship issues, but why wait? Here are five tips to get started today.

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